Many activities...


In the heart of the Saloum, a mixture of fresh and salt water form the Delta of Siné Saloum: an immense network of islands dotted with sandbanks, and mangroves where are established numerous fishing villages, called Niominkas. 150km south from Dakar, in the Mar Island near the landing of Marfafaco, the Essamaye team will accomodate you in a lodge built like genuine Impluvium shack.

Our lodge has ten rooms, a bar, a sanitary block, a restaurant inside and another one outside to enjoy the landscape, in a family environment. We also have a little jetty for swimming and fishing, many canoes and kayaks. Xavier and the all team will design your stay with kindness to discover his country, off the tracks, walking around the island to meet native people.

Many options around...

  • Kayak or canoe trek throughout the bolongs to watch birds and wildlife.
  • Visit of Senghor's house in Djilor.
  • Visit of shells mine in Guior.
  • Day or half-fay fishing in canoe around the lodge.
  • Walking trek or horse trail to discover the local villages. Bivouacs in the wild zones.
  • Mar-Lodj tam-tam mass on sunday.
  • Learning senegalese cooking with our cookers.
  • A cute beach for swimming and resting.
  • Braiding hair available.
  • Learning sparrowhawk fishing with our canoe man.
  • Traditional and folkloric events depending on the season.
  • Meeting with tradi-healers of Djilor and Marfafaco, partnership with Le Bois Sacré lodge.
  • Of course, our team will do his best for any wish or any special excursion from our lodge ( Joal, Fadial, Mbissel... ).


The full stay, with excursions, transfert Dakar-N’Dangane forth and back from two persons, full board 8 days / 7 nights : 395 € TTC per person.
This stay can be modified or adapted to the local conditions and events or personalized to your request.

DAY 1 :

Arrival in Dakar and transfer to the hostel for the night.

DAY 2 :

Starting early in the morning to N’Dangane Sambou where we meet our boatman to reach our Essamaye Lodge, on Mar Island, by pirogue.

DAY 3 :

Visit of the island villages.

DAY 4 :

Full day through the bolongs, with a picnic, visit of the fishermen villages and back to the lodge at night by the bolongs.

DAY 5 :

Meeting with tradi-healers in Djilor, lunch at Le Bois Sacré lodge andback to our lodge at night.

DAY 6 :

Walking trek to a zone called : « The little Casamance », a very woody village, then back by N’Dangane for avalaible shopping.

DAY 7 :

Senegalese cooking.

DAY 8 :

Leaving during the day according to your requirements. End of the stay.