Mar Island

Wildlife and traditions...

Mar Island is twenty minutes by canoe from N'Dangane and has four mainly Serer populated villages. The villages of Marfafaco, Wendi and Marsoulou are Muslims while MarLodj is primarily Catholic. The population of the island is facing both towards the sea with a fishing activity and to agriculture (groundnuts, millet, maize) associated with the breeding of Zebu.

Many tours are available on the island (either by carriage or by foot), starting with the village Marfafaco which has a school, health post, a former area with grain storage barns on stilts in the mangroves. The tour continues to the village Marsoulou, which also has a health post, school and college that includes all children of the island and then to Wendi whose economy is entirely based on fishing.

At last, MarLodj is a more touristic area, where you will find the only church on the island, famous for its Sunday ceremony with the sound of tam-tam, its sacred trees, and artists making sand paintings.

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